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  • Coaxial Speaker AVTS-1071 100

Coaxial Speaker AVTS-1071 100

Product Details

the 4" 2-way Coaxial Speaker, a powerful audio solution designed to enhance your listening experience. With a site size of 4 inches, these speakers provide clear and dynamic sound reproduction. The magnet weighs 6 oz, ensuring strong and precise audio performance.

Equipped with an AVS 0.75" High-Temperature Coil, these coaxial speakers deliver excellent voice coil performance, allowing for accurate sound reproduction across a wide frequency range. The impedance of 4 ohms ensures compatibility with various audio systems.

These speakers offer a power rating of 30 Watts RMS, making them suitable for both casual listeners and audiophiles. They can handle up to 180 Watts Max, providing ample power for immersive audio experiences. Additionally, the power rating can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Featuring a sensitivity of 88 + 2dB/M.W, these speakers efficiently convert power into sound, ensuring loud and clear audio output. The sensitivity can also be customized to achieve the desired level of audio performance.

The 4" 2-way Coaxial Speaker is the perfect choice for upgrading your car audio system, home theater setup, or any other audio application. With its impressive specifications and customizable options, this speaker guarantees an enjoyable and immersive listening experience.
Name: 4" 2-way Coaxial Speaker
Site: 4 inches
Magnet: 6 oz
Voice Coil: AVS 0.75" Hight Temperature Coil
Impedance: 4 ohm
Power: 30 Watts RMS. 180 W Matts Max or customizable
Sensitivity 88 + 2db/M.W or Customizable


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