Groundbreaking Ceremony of Auhuis New Generation Information Technology Industry Project

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Auhuis New Generation Information Technology Industry Project

On November 21, 2019, our company's investment project in Enping City, Aohuis New Generation Information Technology Industry Project, held a grand groundbreaking ceremony.

As the main venue for the major project start-up (commissioning) activities in the fourth quarter of Enping City, Jiangmen City leaders, Jiangmen City department leaders, Enping City leaders, and Enping City department leaders attached great importance to this event and jointly launched the project with the leaders of our company Groundbreaking ceremony.

We chose to invest in Enping because there are many places in Enping that attract us. Enping, located at the southwest end of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is close to the South China Sea, with Guangzhou and Foshan in the east, and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It is a place with excellent ecological environment in the Pearl River Delta. Enping City is "China's Microphone Industry Industrial Base", "China's Microphone Export Base" and "China's Performing Arts Equipment Industry Base". The electronic information industry has a solid foundation and is one of Enping's key industries. The investment environment is superior, the supporting facilities are perfect, and the preferential policies are prominent. Here, we deeply feel the strong atmosphere of Enping's pro-business, business-friendly, and business-friendly atmosphere. City leaders often go deep into our company for research, functional units actively communicate with us, provide considerate services, and do their best to help us solve practical difficulties and problems.

Under the leadership of the Enping Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Guangdong Aohuisi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to increase investment, complete the plant construction and put into production as soon as possible, achieve mutual benefit and win-win in the fertile soil of Enping, and contribute to the high-quality economic development of Enping. strength. "

"Since this year, the city has held major projects to start construction (commissioning) activities, enabling a number of projects to be successfully constructed and put into production, which has further promoted the optimization and upgrading of the city's industrial structure, improved the level of urban infrastructure and public services, and enhanced the economic development stamina.
Our city will adhere to the service concepts of "pro-business, safe business, wealthy businessmen" and "service-oriented", and strive to create a convenient business environment, and strive to make businessmen settled in our city feel at ease to invest, work and live happily, and work together to create The bright future will add new momentum to the city's promotion of high-quality economic development, the launch of the country's first brand of "China's cold shelter and livable place", and the construction of an ecological demonstration city that is livable, business-friendly, and travel-friendly. "

The project is located at No. 10, Dahuai Gathering Area, Enping Industrial Park, covering an area of 30 acres. It is planned to build two industrial plants and supporting facilities with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The project mainly develops, manufactures and sells audio products in sub-sectors, mainly including smart audio, car audio, motorcycle audio, smart home appliances and speaker units.


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